I’ve reached my Goal


My dear fellow redditors, I am happy to announce like the title says that I’ve reached my goal.

I’ve been through highs, I’ve been through lows and HODLED And now the recent bull run has allowed me to take the profits i needed to take the next step in life. Buying my own place to live.

It’s not a giant castle with a lambo, but it’s mine and I couldn’t be happier about it!

I come from a pretty poor background in a first world country and never thought I’d be able to afford something all on my own.

Ever since I starting working student jobs, I had to help pay off my mother’s debt caused by 17 years of alcohol abuse before I could start saving something for myself. I am used to working 2 fulltime jobs at the same time, working 80-90 hours per week and kept this going after my mother’s debts were paid off. I put all the money I could spare into crypto projects I had good faith in, and let them accumulate over time and now I can safely say that the profits have allowed me to get the loan I needed.

The best part?

I still have some money locked up in promising projects that could provide me with some more financial stability. But wether these succeed or fail, it simply doesn’t matter anymore. My goal has been reached and everything that follows is merely a fun extra.

Thanks for all of the input I got from this sub

If I could give any advice myself, just remember that a short term goal is also a goal. They’re easier to reach than Lambo’s.

Best of luck to everyone out there!

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