I’ve made a simplified version of BIP39 Seed Phrase Generator / mnemonics converter


Hello everyone,

With some tinkering, I’ve made a more user-friendly version of BIP39 Seed Phrase Generator or mnemonics converter for basic use cases. This tool is based on excellent Ian Coleman’s open source mnemonics code converter and has the same features. The difference is that all “advanced” features are hidden inside advanced mode plus some minor interface tweaks for more fresh looks.

screenshot of the interface in simple mode

I have felt that Ian Coleman’s tool might feel a bit overwhelming for many users (including myself), so I’ve decided to make a simpler-to-use version as a part of a bigger project – Coinplate (seed phrase metal backups, that I’ve introduced here earlier). This is aimed at easy creation of a seed phrase that most of the users search for anyway.Since I received a warm welcome here before, I decided to share this with you first.

BIP39 Seed Phrase Generator – easy tool – Offline and online

Hopefully, it will make life easier for some of you.

The simple version is default and you can find all additional features under the advanced mode toggle (for more experienced blockchain users).


Generate random BIP39 seed phrase (3-24 words) – simple mode Multiple languages BIP39 Wordlist available Calculating derivation paths and addresses from a given seed phrase (also with a passphrase) Use your own entropy source to generate a seed phrase Offline, standalone mode

Safety precautions: If you plan to use the created seed phrase to keep coins – use it in the offline mode! How to use in offline mode: just download the html file (that you will find on the page) and open it with a browser when offline (preferably on fresh OS install or linux live USB).

The tool is open-source and 100% free to use.

Might need to smoothen the interface and website a bit, so any feedback is welcome.

Obviously, anyone can still use the original tool, this is just another option for less advanced users with basic needs and for quick searches.

Ian Coleman’s tool‘s license explicitly allows modifications.


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