I’ve been Buying every 40% BTC dip since 2017


Just thought I’d share my DCA strategy. I first became interested in crypto at the end of 2017. I wanted to get it on a dip and had no idea the top was in. I bought at 12 K and averaged down all the way to the bottom at around 3K. Purchasing every week on a red or flat day.

I bought all the way up to 12K again and all the way down to 5000 on the covid crash (didn’t catch bottom). I didn’t actually buy any more BTC until 39K. I instead saved up as much fiat as I could to aggressively buy the next 40 percent dip. Bought as much as I could all the way down to about 29 K.

Started buying back in again from 41K to 27k so far. It’s probably more effective to DCA every week but I feel more comfortable buying the dips and saving up cash for those golden buying opportunities. It has lead me to miss out on opportunities between 13-25 k though.

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