It’s Your Fault Your Wallet is Empty


Yeah, this is going to be a super unpopular post, but somebody has to save you from yourself.

Stop running around in the crypto environment like a homeless man with your “can” out asking for money. I see your can and I will snatch it if you put it in my face. Meaning, stop attaching your wallet all over the place like a dumbass. Your wallet contains your money. If you keep running around looking for sites to attach too, you will eventually find the right one and someone will kindly empty it for you. Pick a few sites to work with and stop. You don’t need to attach it to every site that has a button to “Connect Wallet”.

Stop giving out your seed phrase and private keys! What the hell is wrong with you? You shouldn’t be investing heavy in this space if you don’t know what you are doing or lack common sense. I’m not trying to be mean. Many people just do not have any common sense. The only thing you should be giving out is your public key. Nothing else.

Stop trying to make friends in these spaces! This is a deadly environment! Most people DM’ing you, sending you private messages are NOT your friends. They are your worst enemy. Their sole purpose is to wreck your life. “BLOCK” anyone sending you a private message. Just do it!

Stop clicking on random links by strangers. If you didn’t search for the link in your web browser, DO NOT click on it. Once you have the site you want to use, “Favorite” the site and pull it up from your favorites from now on.

DELETE all that authentication information out of your e-mails! You have your entire identification hanging around in your e-mail (passport, drivers license, residency ID). Delete every piece of data that can “easily” tie you to that e-mail address.

Stop being greedy. Your greed and FOMO is causing you to make inappropriate decisions and loose on basic security. This is your money. You cannot afford to make bad decisions or have weak security.

You are the sole custodian of your money. If it goes missing, and it wasn’t an obvious exchange breach, there is a high chance you will never recover it. As a reminder, most hacks in these spaces are NOT hacks at all. You, the individual, was scammed out of your money.

Stay safe,


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