It’s so weird as someone with a 100% alt coin portfolio, all I can focus on is Bitcoin.


If it gets under $28.8k then basically I’m fucked apparently.

Or if it goes over $x amount then btc will go on a rampage and take all the alts with it. Happy days.

Everything hinges on Bitcoin, if it loses its support then all the alts tumble.

Or if it gets above a certain amount then all the main alts will start increasing with it resulting in alt coin utopia.

It’s got to the point where it doesn’t really matter if you DYOR.

Many projects are great in their own right. ZIL, MATIC, VET, ALGO, XTZ, SOL, ONE, the list goes on.

Each with their passionate developers trying to make their technology the best it can be. But ultimately the value of their work is down to bitcoin. At any point however good their latest innovation is, their market value plummets as soon as something or “someone” makes the price of bitcoin change, then suddenly everything else changes too.

It’s ridiculous tbh. My portfolio is pretty much either red or green from top to bottom. All these alt coins. A sea of green or red all dependent on bitcoin.

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