It’s official – I have just declared ETH an official currency and legal tender.


I have just passed a resolution to make ETH a legal currency, which makes me the first person to do so (via Reddit).

According to the law, citizens will be able to use Ethereum to do everything from paying taxes and paying off debts to buying goods and services.

The move was championed by someone on the daily chat, I forget their username, who says it’s a way to help those who don’t have access to banks, and those who want to send money back to the country from abroad, but critics worry that it’ll be more show than substantive change. (Fuck those guys)

I have no need or want to de-dollarize, my resolution states that citizens should be able to convert between the two currencies at any time, and that US dollars will be used as the reference currency for accounting and other shit.

I wont be taking any questions at this time

(Gas fees will be illegal and punishable by imprisonment)

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