It’s not “panic selling” every time someone’s sells ffs.


In this sub there seems to be a stigma attached to selling. Every time someone considers selling and attempts to discuss it they get lambasted with abuse and labelled as “panic selling”.

Newsflash: EVERYONE that has made money has sold at some point.

There’s no problem with selling in circumstances where you’ve actually done research and decided it’s the best course of action with YOUR investment. Whether it be selling because you want to take profits, selling to limit your loss, selling because you think a correction / dip is coming. Sometimes the dynamics of a project change and people accept they backed the wrong horse and feel it’s a better plan to transfer their coins to a different project.

People really need to differentiate between “panic selling” and just selling, ffs.

It’s your money, do as you please. If you want to sell then do, if you want to hodl, then do, don’t be influenced by some spanner on Reddit abusing you. A lot of the time it’s probably because they are so deep in the red they are desperate for others to hodl/buy and dig them out.

Next up… every time someone says something negative it’s not always “fud”… 🙄🙄

Edit: no, I didn’t sell all my coins. I recently switched my CRO to btc.

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