It’s my First Cake Day! Help me celebrate: pick a project for me to invest in and I’ll put $100USD on it.


It’s my First Cake Day! Give me a project to invest in and I’ll put $100USD into it

So, it’s my first Cake Day. I want to do something to celebrate and also bring the community together during this bear market. Grrrr!

Ok so here’s the plan, you Moonenites:

Name a crypto project you like, and explain it a little. The one that gets the most positive feedback/recommendations is what I’ll put $100USD into.

Then we’ll check back on my 2nd Cake Day to see how you degens wasted my money!!!

I swear if you guys make he buy something stupid like babyeloncumrocket, I…won’t be surprised.


OK guys, it seems Hedera (HBAR), ALGO, and Monero (MXR) are the leading alts at the moment. XRP has been mentioned.

Interesting decision to be made: Do we want “number go up”, or are we “in it for the tech”???

Also: Please explain your suggestion a bit if you can. If not that’s ok. Shill your shitcoin, or just troll if you want. Have fun with it!

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