It’s incredible how many people even have to ASK whether the recent spike in price was a glitch or not..


I mean… Yes. Yes it was a glitch. Obviously. You didn’t become the world’s first trillion in the blink of an eye.

I’ve seen at least like 50 people in this sub ask whether the spike was a glitch or not, and that’s at least like 50 people who have decided to put a couple hundred or even thousands or even more dollars into crypto. And they have to ask whether such an insane spike in price is a glitch?

Honestly, this is truly baffling to me. This kinda shows that a lot of people have put money into an asset they obviously don’t understand to the slightest degree if they think every coin went up by a couple million percent.

I truly hope you all (you know who) know what you’re doing and that crypto will be good for you eventually. But right now it’s looking kinda grim :/

Edit: thanks for the award! Or was that just a glitch?🤔

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