It’s harder to sell than to buy.


And I speak from experience. I totally missed out on the 2017 gains I made because I kept listening to Youtubers thinking it was going to be a straight line to 50K back then already.

It won’t guys. When the last phase of the bullrun will start, it will be the craziest weeks you ever lived. Days where Bitcoin will gain and lose 20 to 30% in a day. You might wake up one day with bitcoin at 70k and see it at 90k when you go to bed and then the next morning it’s at 120K. But also the other way from 120k to 80K overnight, and the wake up is really unpleasant.

I’m throwing out numbers and I don’t know how much we’re going to reach but the final pic never last too long so don’t expect catching it.

Sell little by little over the days or even hours of craziness because it’s going to be extremely violent and emotionally disturbing. I saw 90% of my profit of 2017 being wiped out because I was in denial and thought it would always go back. This time I invested during the previous bear market so I’ll be safer but people buying now might want more than they will get and end the same way I did years ago.

Don’t be too greedy and secure your gains over time.

Enjoy the rest of the bullrun.

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