It’s funny that banks act like they give a shit about people when it comes to Crypto. Then they turn around and ruin people’s lives to the point of suicide.


Banks cry about how Crypto is “basically gambling” even though they don’t give a shit about actual gambling. Banks keep acting like they care about people’s financial lives while while ruining people’s lives at the same time.

Banks have literally made people’s lives hell. Just in 2020 alone they charged poor people $12.4B in overdraft “protection” fees. Banks have NEVER been anyone’s friend. Their entire motive is profit.

Not only that, the banks’ “credit score” system can literally fuck up your entire life for a single bad debt. Debt collectors still put insane stress on families for failing to repay debt with impossible interest rates. Lenders and debt collectors still often threaten borrowers with jail just to put more pressure on them and make their lives hell.

TLDR: Banks ruining people’s lives are literally one of the most common reasons for people ending their lives or turning to drugs and alcoholism. But hey, crypto is the one that’s bad for people, right? Just to repeat, they don’t give a shit. They only hate people taking back control of their own money.

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