It’s fun to see all the metaverse cryptos being completely ignored right now because they mostly don’t have real utility except some promises.


November was undoubtedly a very euphoric month for Crypto. Bitcoin at 69k and most importantly the big metaverse move from Facebook that made nearly every metaverse crypto explode to like +100%. And now even META is struggling themselves as they made an all in bet and promises and marketing on a project they won’t get ready for a long time.

Same about most Cryptos. Most don’t have the metaverse ready and likely won’t for a long time if they even survive the market for that long. Others who has some kind of a “metaverse” ready or at least said to do so were a complete joke. The best example is MANA, so much pumpung into the top 40 for such a shitty project.

It’s clear that all those project were based on just some words and heavy marketing. Even if they then fit the hype it simple was not sustainable. That’s why I like a bear market, it filters some illusive projects against others with better utility.

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