Its easy to point out everything wrong with crypto when the market is bear just like how everyone pointed out how crypto was amazing when the market was bullish


It all has to do with context and perspective and that’s very normal. That’s just how humans are.

When everything is going according to expectation, we really forget about everything else that is going exceptionally bad. And the opposite is true. Whenever we plans are not going as expected, we often linger on and ponder about all the negativity surrounding us, not really focusing on the positive things going on.

This is exactly what’s happening now. With Luna crashing and prices at an all time low since a year, many people are doubting crypto and are frustrated and even nervous.

But the reality is, when you close the charts its really not that bad. In fact we’re witnessing the most development in crypto history right now.

So many major companies and traditional businesses are entering the crypto market and that’s honestly one of the most bullish things to read about. Apple will soon integrate 1 billion people into the crypto market, entire governments are accepting cryptocurrencies as legal tender, and some of the most influential giants in the world like Google, IBM And T-mobile are working with crypto projects like Hbar foundation and are funding them with billions of dollars to develop their ecosystem.

I know this might sound very cliche, but there’s always a bright side to everything., you just gotta look at it. If you truly believe in this market then stop focusing so hard on the prices and pay a bit more attention to development instead.

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