It’s boring, it’s repetitive, you’re all probably sick of hearing it, but investing only what you can lose really is the golden rule of crypto.


I’ve seen a lot of people wanting to debate this over the years, me included, and I’ll be the first to admit in the past I’ve invested money that realistically I couldn’t afford to lose, more due to my own country’s economical climate than anything else, but there really is no outsmarting the truth.

The golden rule is as true today as it was when BTC was invented, and as boring as it may be, it’ll continue to be true no matter how much hopium we want to inhale.

We might be going into a recession, and possibly the biggest crash crypto has ever seen. If you have money invested that you can’t afford to lose, then no matter how strong your hands are, at some point they’ll dip, and you’ll sell.

But if you can afford to lose that money, it’s a very good bet. There’s the small chance that you’ll get that money back and then enough to possibly make your dreams come true, and there’s the chance that you’ll lose it, which will be very sad, but not life ruining.

Who wouldn’t take a chance like that?

That’s why, as unfortunate as it may be, the thing that’s repeated ad nauseum everywhere really is the most important lesson, and that’s why it’s repeated so much, because people think they can outsmart crypto.

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