Its better to ask the “dumb” questions and learn something, than to stay being ignorant. Everyone has to start somewhere.


For some of you, it can be seen as common sense. But so far from what we can see, that SQUID, the biggest Ponzi rugpull crypto ever created yet just burned millions of people , it doesn’t look like people in this space understand basic fundamentals of crypto.

We’ve just witnessed it, the lack of education.

And it just happened, the coin went from $2800 to $0.002 in a blink of an eye. I’m really sorry that millions of people just lost their life savings, investments. I know I shouldn’t care too much about the others, but seeing newbies getting burned, not educating themselves enough, not asking “dumb” questions really triggers me.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so measure twice, cut once. Especially in crypto, where you should measure at least 100 times and then cut.

Peace, may your losses from this rugpull shitcoin rest in peace.

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