It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again.’s marketing is just way too good.


Seriously, everywhere you go there’s CDC promotion, whether it’s present and in your face or just tucked into the corner of a site. It’s amazing how much effort and money they poured into advertising and partnerships. And I’m not complaining.

• Searching up coins on CoinGecko? CDC’s always there at the top of the search result list as an ad andsticks out in the coins list.

• Fan of f1? You’ll have had seen plenty of CDC all the way through. To top that the Saudi Arabian GP brought in the highest TV viewing figures in ten years for F1. So more people watching, even better.

• They bought the naming rights to one of the most famous stadiums for 20 years at the price of $700 million.

• Their presence on social media? They’re everywhere. Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Reddit,Facebook,… etc

• Their new ad, “Fortune Favours the Brave”, which stars Matt Damon, is directed by Oscar winner Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher.

• Matt Damon and partner with CDCand makes a $1M donation to the nonprofit.

• A long-time partnership with Visa, boasts the world’s most popular crypto-card availablein 30+ countries.

• When you refer to websites, you never say their name + their top level domain. Like you wouldn’t say”Amazon dot com” when talking about Amazon; But with CDC, you do. Crypto dot com is literally thename of the company, their domain name is their name. So when you talk about it, people already know where to go to look up more about it.

• Just the mere fact that when you search up “Crypto” on Google, is the first site that popsup should be enough of a green flag.

Anyways, I’m just here to list a few of the reasons why I think CDC will dominate the market in the near future. So keep spreading the word, and see you at the top!

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