It’s an addiction, a game, a challenge, but most importantly, it’s HOPE


I don’t want to work until I’m 65. I just don’t. I’m still relatively young, and I know if I keep working hard and contributing to an index fund and my 401k I can retire when I’m 65 and live a frugal life.

Fuck that.

Ever since I got into crypto and have seen the insane potential of bull runs and owning coins that will do well in the long run, it’s given me hope. I get goose bumps thinking how drastically my life could change. In the last few years my net worth has done a 10x (granted, not that impressive) because I invest everything I possibly can into crypto. It’s 100% turned into an addiction and a kind of game. See how little I can spend out of each paycheck, DCA about $40 a week, and at the end of the month dump every penny I can afford to after paying bills.

The rush of seeing your hard earned money go up 1000% is something I don’t get from anything else in life. It’s so satisfying to think that I would have had to work 10x the amount of hours to earn as much as my money is earning by itself.

I’m aware of the risk, and for me, it is SO worth the possibility of financial independence. I don’t need a lambo, I don’t need watches or designer clothes. I want a paid off house, a car that doesn’t break once a year, and the security and peace of mind that only comes from having money.

I’m sure I’m not alone, and to all those in the same boat as me, good luck

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