It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “The Gang discovers Crypto”


Dennis – tries to create a new Shitcoin, probably something to do with breasts. Titcoin? Nipple? You get the picture.

Mac – acts like he understands what Crypto is in front of Dennis. “So once we’ve got enough of these bad boys, we trade them in for a rocket that’ll take us to the moon? What the hell am I gonna do on the moon, Dennis…?”

Frank – shills Dennis’s Shitcoin and convinces people to put every penny into it for guaranteed success, including Rickety Cricket, who has finally started to get his life back together.

Dee – bird.

Charlie – believes people are giving all their money to computers and it’s going to bring on an uprising of wealthy A.I. that want to take away our freedoms. He decides to take down the ‘Hive’ from the inside by attending a Blockchain Expo, but ends up at a Sci-Fi Con and thinks he’s too late. Retreats to the woods in an attempt to ride it out.

Thanks in advance for all the moons, Jebronis…

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