It’s almost moon season my friends


It’s almost moon season! Our favorite time of year.

Everyone is getting their moon stockings ready, waiting for Father Moon(s) to come and give us monthly cheer; everyone is feeling the euphoria and joy.

Just a reminder to my 1st world friends how much moons can make a difference in countries where 27¢ is actually some decent money: go out there and be love.

Do something good, buy someone a coke, get someone a meal, treat someone like you just met god and they look just like you. Spread cosmic love, embody good karma, and reap the rewards of that kindness; it is known that love you send into the universe returns to you tenfold, so send that love.

Reach into that place in your soul that is love and live there for a moment, feel our shared consciousness, be cosmic love

We’re crabbing a bit right now so I’m holding off buying for a second, but once it’s a confirmed dip I’ll be jumping back in! It’s tempting to jump in early but we’ve got to learn to be patient, it’s hard for sure lol.

Looking at more ERG, DOT, TRAC, and definitely not XMR. Kind of want to start a separate DEFI portfolio, any of you guys done that yet? There’s so much in Defi I feel like you could honestly separate it out just for tracking purposes.

Well that’s my analysis for the day,


Moon Monk

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