It’s absolutely mind boggling and disgusting how those rich influencers STILL feel the need to scam people for money


Kim kardashian and floyd mayweather just to namedrop a couple, OBVIOUSLY they don’t need more money but they WANT more, and they don’t care how they get it. It’s absolutely abhorrent how these people feel like what they did is O.K and we should definitely NOT be silent about this. I know people are already talking about this but im asking u – do not forget! They not only leech off of their fans but they are making the whole space look like a joke, bringing in more scumfluencers who want to do the same. it’s hurting adoption it’s hurting innocent people who don’t know better and it’s honestly just sad. They need to know what they did was wrong from the community, and hopefully enough uproar will actually get the authorities involved.

I’m honestly disgusted. U R RICH ENOUGH ASSHOLES. Holy fuck!

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