“It’s a healthy correction guys”


So when does something stop being a ‘healthy correction’?

And why is a correction always downwards and not upwards?

Every time there is a dip I read how it’s a healthy correction.. but really every few days? Common.

I’m no expert but this market is volatile as fuck, it’s probably not even a correction but just the volatility of the market.

Whales pumping and dumping as they please, FOMO from coin A to coin B.

How is this a healthy correction? Was the asset that is ‘corrected’ overvalued or is it pure greed of this unregulated market?

I’m trying to understand this market and you really don’t sound smart spamming

“It’S a HeAlThy c0rRecTiOn GuYs”

A friendly fellow r/cryptocurrency Redditor also said the following which makes sense to me:

Its normal volatility, calling it a “correction” is just banker speak for volatility to the downside. They like to use words that disassociate market activity from emotional sentiment. undersold/oversold, correction, leverage, margin, etc.

So when you say these things, please know what you are saying if that makes sense. I’m getting tired reading the same shit over and over again without any base.

Correct me if i’m wrong please.

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