It’s 1 January 2022, tell me the price of your favorite Crypto?


We are in the middle of the greatest Crypto Bull Run in history, at least till the next one, where BTC has hit its ATH, ETH hit its ATH yesterday. We are having new unknown coins moon from nowhere every single day while ADA and VET are quietly prodding along.

As the headline says, I was wondering what you fellow farmers think will be the state of the Crypto universe after this quarter. These are my predictions :

Bitcoin – $77500

ETH – $6200

ADA – $3.25

SOL – $350

DOGE – $0.55

SHIBA – $0.000025

DOT – $100

LINK – $40

I could go on but will stop here.

Where do you guys think we’ll be 2 months from now?

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