It really grinds my gears when people tell me I’m too poor to invest in crypto


Im told that Im too poor to invest into crypto by my relatives a lot. Mind you that my relatives are quite well off and Im the black sheep of the family since Im a single dad with not so respectable job and in their eyes Im a lazy little man-child.

Last time that we had lunch together they asked me if I still “do cryptocurrencies” and I said that yeah I save just a little at the end of the month by not buying myself drinks or fast food or stupid things. Its a 2 digit number in the very low end but still they gave me shit for that because Im “too poor to invest “ especially in “grey market such as crypto”. I smiled but didnt appreciate that at all. Then I was asked why am I using that little money that I have to invest in crypto instead of spending it on my children.

I was pretty damn angry. I do everything for my kiddos, work 2 jobs and still some people give me shit cause I put a tenner in at the end of month.

Crypto is for everyone regardless how poor they are. Dont let anyone tell you different!

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