It my portfolio goes to zero so be it. Atleast I tried to break the cycle.


I didn’t grow up with money. I’ve spent most of my life trying to make a little bit extra here and there. First it was for a cool toy or console. Then it shifted more for gifts for the holidays.

Now it’s for a future. Not sure where you are reading this from, but my area is taking a beating. People are hurting and running themselves into the ground while their rent is in some cases increasing hundreds of percent. I know two couples that have become homeless at some point in the last 3 years. They all work full time. I’m not far from it myself, but now I have my daughter to worry about too.

Having a house, even a old country home, is getting so far from reach that it feels like fantasy. Houses in my city regularly go for 100k+ over the already inflated asking price. Utilities get jealous and rise aswell.

I had a teacher in junior high that I’m not sure actually worked there, but had the most meaningful and informative lectures that I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. He talked about many things but one was the ‘gap between rich and poor’ and how it grows. Hard to understand when you’re a 12y/o delinquent. Do I ever see it now.

I’m looking at Crypto more and more as my ‘best chance’ to get out of the rat race & leave my daughter with what was originally supposed to be a head start, but now seems like a necessity.

TL;DR: I view Crypto as essentially one of the only ways to get ahead and leave something behind for my daughter. $0 portfolio or financial security.

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