It may be time to buy AMP…


The same guy that talked me out of buying $1,000 worth of bitcoin in 2011/2012 just told me AMPs TA fundamentals are flawed

This makes me bullish AF on AMP

As you can see from my flair, my main coin is BNB but I am going to shill AMP until people start taking it as seriously as they should.

It’s also someone close to me’s engagement party. My first gift ever of crypto. Gifted them ADA and AMP.

Let’s fucking goooooooo

(This is in no way, shape or form financial advice. If you take any of this to heart, that’s on you. I’m also a little liquored up so definitely do not take any of this seriously; except for the part where the person talked me out of bitcoin. That really happened and I’ll never forgive them)

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