It is officially No Sell November and Moonvember


Hope you are strapped in, as No Sell November and Moonvember have just started in the EU.

Brace for massive gains of your favourite crypto, even if it is some memecoin. We going to the Moon, if you just believe in it hard enough.

Daddy Bitcoin will reach unknown heights, ETH will shatter through every imaginable resistance, ADA will finally do….something. Even XLM will stop being a stablecoin and fulfil the legacy of its rocket logo.

Maybe even stablecoins will go to $2, I don’t know. What I do know is, that we have the best gains of the year ahead of us and you people need every dose of Hopium you can find, so here it is.

Also, since it’s the first, put your paychecks into crypto. This is financial advice. Maybe.

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