It is officially FOMO time!

It is officially FOMO time!


The market’s on a tear.

Pretty much everything is up, following BTC’s recent run. DOT went bonanza over Parachain news from yesterday, and ETH looking like it’s not gonna let its rival runaway with it. Both seemingly on course to new ATHs.

Everything else is decently up too, even LINK recovering from its slump this week. BNB back in top 3 (unfortunately, apparently, cause I don’t know shit about fuck).

ALGO Governance is about an hour away, with many anticipating it will shoot ALGO straight to the fucking moon (doubt it).

Basically everything is up except for…. SHIB (fuck yea!). Not down enough, of course. More like moving sideways, which tbh is troubling to see in a shitcoin.

Like hay fever during the spring, and hail the size of the balls of God himself during summer here in Aussie, no other outcome from this market is more inevitable than FOMO. And I’m experiencing all 3 today, in that order.

Somebody please talk me out of FOMO-ing. And to make things worse, I’ve got about $1k fiat just sitting in my exchange, originally meant for a dip. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t throw all that in.

Or better yet, give me suggestions as to what I should throw my money at.

Maybe it is FOMO time. Or maybe it’s Lambo time, am I right?

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