It is heartbreaking to know a coin is going to pump but you cannot afford to invest


Hello everyone.

Today I am here to talk about a issue that I know it probably concerns a lot of us.

I am myself a part-time worker and college student and I’ve gotten into crypto basically two years ago. This experience has allowed me to gain knowledge on various crypto projects, some of which worked out well and others which unfortunately went wrong.

So from my perspective, I make every month basically enough to only get by – with rent, housing expenses, college fees and everything I pretty much have no disposable income to invest in crypto. This leads me to a very hard situation, in which I some times forsee that some projects are likely to give me a good financial return, but I cannot afford to invest n them. Seeing them pump in the future simply takes a toll on my happiness, as I know that hypothetical income would mean the world to me. Investing in projects that don’t work out would also mean that I would have to eat ramen everyday for the entirety of the month.

Do any of you face the same issue? How do you personally handle it?

Thank you to those who read all of it 🙂

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