Is this market worse than the crashes of 2018? Do you still intend to invest in and through the new bear?


It’s the same feeling. And we’re not even at the bottom yet; people are still calling for a new BTC blow off top and believe this is only a temporary situation. The bottom is when people become so depressed and demoralised that there are no longer any suicide threads because everyone has either necked or quit crypto.

This is made worse by the external shit that must be considered… inflation, war, food crisis, and stock market crash.

Large investors are influencing the general public and normies to buy in and keep the price high. People like Elon Musk have a vested interest in keeping crypto prices high, and if he ever owns Twitter, he will almost certainly push crypto on unsuspecting normal people even more to inflate the price.

What I believe will make or break cryptocurrency in the coming months is how the government regulates cryptocurrency and crypto marketing.

What do you guys think?

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