Is there any reason to actually own XLM?


Now granted I only have a slight knowledge about the uses of XLM due to the fact that I have been into cryptocurrency for no more than six or seven months and currently I’m only in the investing and accumulating stages.

But from my readings, a common thread is that people use XLM to transfer money from one exchange to another by converting a Crypto, say bitcoin, to XLM then sending the XLM to where they want it to go and then converting the XLM back into bitcoin. They do that because it is a more cost-effective way to transfer They are coins than in their native form.

Please correct me if I’m wrong in the above statements.

However, if that is correct, then I don’t see any real reason to hold onto XLM unless you’re expecting it to moon and that hardly seems to be the case traditionally with the coin.

It seems that the only time you realistically should purchase XLM is when you are wanting to move a different currency, am I correct in my understandings?


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