Is Luna completely done?


Honestly though. Is it done and gone? Because the shithead on my left shoulder keeps telling me to buy Luna. Even if it’s a few bucks. It’s hard to imagine something with such a high market cap prior to implosion being gone for good. Can it rebuild or rebrand? Can it come back to half of what it was? Am I just an idiot? Perhaps I don’t understand how liquidity and all that works, but I just keep having this feeling. I kind of enjoy the idea of buying something that crashed so hard and coming out victorious. How many characters am I at now? Who makes these rules? Do you guys really want to read my uniformed ravings on some idle Tuesday? Imagine what other platforms would look like if you made them write a dissertation in order to post. Think Donald Trump. Yes, minimum character limits are a wonderful idea. Someone please set me strait if I’m out of my depths here.

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