Is it feasible for crypto to help me own real estate?


I’m still in my mid 20’s and so far real estate investments are way too expensive for me. Plus there are significant challenges to overcome such as income requirements that prevent me from being able to afford it. I don’t think saving my salary will be enough with how fast inflation has been. I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities especially when I see people around my age making money through passive income.

When it comes to cryptocurrency I already invested in different P2E platforms because it’s the only thing I can afford for now. I came across this P2E platform called PlayEstates, that uses real estate assets as collateral for their tokens, and this gave me an idea that I might be able to own real estate. They do this through the form of fractional ownership so every user can acquire and build real estate assets.

From what I understand from their website; all token holders will be a fractional owner of their real estate projects. They will kick back all the offline revenues generated by the real estate project back to the users. Users have the ability to either sell their fractional ownership at any moment or choose to acquire more fractional ownerships.

I really like this arrangement since it involves assets that can make people who are skeptical about crypto understand how times are changing. What do you guys think? I firmly believe that NFTs will be utilized for everyday contracts in the future. Is it too soon or is this the start already?

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