Is crypto the future? Are we truly early investors in the beginning of something huge?


I don’t know if im the only one that has thought about this but let’s be real for a moment. All of us are here for one main reason above all, the hope of a bright future. Yes the tech is great, the projects an added bonus. But we all have dreamt of nailing a life changing investment. We all have our favorites and believe our coin is the future.

With that being said why all the hate for other coins? Why the downvotes stopping people from collecting moons?

The problem we see in the world now is difference of opinion. I remember a time when not too long ago even if we debated, disagreed, fought, we could turn around and respect one another and those opinions immediately after. Now society is like a hate filled war zone.

If we truly are in the beginning stages and early to the show that means we want crypto(no matter the coin) to succeed as a whole in order to fully benefit not just the space but the community as a whole.

We all are under government oppression in one way or another and mainly financially. If we can turn the tables why the fuck are we at each others throats when someone mentions a coin we personally don’t invest in? Why hate or wish for a coins downfall? Doesn’t this push the eneducated curious investors away.

We are a community that is massive and will continue to grow daily. But we will fail if we don’t come together and show the world why ALL crypto is beneficial for man kind.

Remember the government and media want us at each other’s throats. If we are fighting we can’t unite for the battle that lies before us!

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