Is Craig Wright paying websites to say he’s Satoshi?


Recently I noticed several websites saying Wright is Satoshi.

They’re not saying that he claims to be Satoshi or that he might be Satoshi, they say it’s the truth.

I just read a ridiculous post of coingeek saying Wright is Satoshi and that the btc community doesn’t accept him because he’s a good man and btc maximists are criminals or cyber criminals.

This article even said that just because Craig doesn’t own Satoshi’s wallet doesn’t mean he’s not Satoshi, because probably a hacker stole them from him, just like someone could steal your car keys but it doesn’t mean that it’s not your car anymore.

This analogy was clearly written by someone who doesn’t even know how bitcoin and blockchain work, so I’m starting to wondering why so many people without any knowledge or tech competence are saying Wright is Satoshi?

I’m afraid they’re trying to repeat a lie until it becomes a truth. History is full of similar situations.

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