Is anyone anticipating more airdrops?


I missed the Uniswap airdrop, and the ENS airdrop, and the Optimism airdrop. Had I spent $100 across those three I’d have over $100,000 in tokens at their peak. F

Every dapp I’ve used decided they want to be centralized or fell apart before they could form a token. I’ve been using Ethereum for years and I’ve received one airdrop, it feels like I’m doing something wrong.

I can’t remember all the apps that have tokens or not. I’m looking into L2’s like Zksync right now. I don’t remember if Arbitirium has a token. I heard on Bankless about a POAP for doing crypto quizzes that might put you on a list of interesting users but can’t find that episode now, but it made me realize there’s so much more I should be doing if I want this.

So I’m asking you! Do you have any ideas or recommendations of places to be that might be an opportunity for an airdrop?

I can’t think of a better way to pass time during a bear than getting on the floor of my favorite projects.

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