Is Algorand really that big of a deal?


I ran into this coin earlier this year. Bought small amount and hold it. I didn’t DCA further after finding out more coins will be released on the market over several years.

I also experiment with DeFi first time using Algorand chain. Funny cos I honestly thought my first DeFi experience would be on Cardano’s chain. I’m too poor to use ETH chain.

I must say, I’m very impressed by how smooth and cheap the experience was. I haven’t researched much on what’s been going on with Algorand but I was surprised to see its dedicated ASA subreddit has 18k members. Memecoins and scam coins are booming in that sub. Almost every day there’s an airdrop, either scam or not.

Usually, if I’m not mistake, this the sign the chain has good traction. Even when there are many scam coins running on it. I imagine like in Pancakeswap era.

Is Algorand’s future that bright? Could it reach Top 5 one day? Are you all start swapping and allocating more ALGOS or experimenting with their ASAs? What ASA you most excited about?

I haven’t seen any ASA hitting major exchanges so I’m curious if it’ll be a thing one day?

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