Is a high funding round a good indicator to stake a blockchain/dapp/token?


Hey there. I read about some projects with “good” venture capital funding rounds, so I’m looking into some of them to see if it’s worth investing in them.

BTW the projects from the article I liked in particular are (but alternatives appreciated!):

Minima: This blockchain wants to make a super compact blockchain architecture that we can host/manage nodes through smartphones. ($6.5m in funding) MonkeyBall: This is a football game. This might be from my bias, since my family loves football lol. (the article says $3 LOL but I think it’s $3m in funding) Derived Finance: Defi platform with apparently “unlimited liquidity,” no slippage time, and can trade assets outside crypto like forex, commodities, and stocks. ($3.3m in funding)

I’m a bit hesitant because I’m hugely basing this on their funding round. Is high venture capital funding an indicator for a good project?

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