IOTA is up +92% compared to last week! Now at $1.93


IOTA is up in the 24h change by 24.61% and in 7d change by 92.28%!!!

That’s incredible, people start to realize how undervalued the coin is. It is built for the future and in like 10 years from now on everyone will be using it.

It is nice to finally see people buying more IOTA and the price rising. Let’s see when it will beat its old ATH at $5.

Disclaimer: I’m no financial advisor, I’m not shilling this coin. I do own some IOTA and wish it to rise more in price. Just being so happy to see unexpected green dildos. Do you own research. If you do not want to do your own research let me tell you that: IOTA is pretty nice. Trust me bro.

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