Investing in Crypto is like a relationship


Now hear me out guys.

You start a relationship after a few dates (maybe reading the relevant subreddit or your chosen token, seeing it in a discord). You start off small, a few dates (a little bag).

As you see each other more, you get more invested, you start to develop feelings and move into a proper relationship based off of your legitimate feelings and your hours of courtship research (due diligence).

The longer you spend together (hopefully) the more assured you become. Having done your due diligence you know that this will be of long term benefit to you both and you have faith in your relationship (you’re now a certified shill). You don’t need it to be tested daily or show you that it’s going well every day (you free yourselves from checking the graph daily, it’s of no relevance to you now).

When you’re committed, you are sure enough of your conviction that through the bad and good you still hold firm. If you have a big row and they storm out (or your holdings crash 20/30%), you might get a bit upset but you know long term it’s not worth bailing ship. Even if your friends are spreading FUD you know that it’s worth it in the long term.

Eventually, we’ll all be happily married to our portfolios with many new Alt coin kiddies on the way.

TLDR: Crypto is like having a capricious girlfriend/boyfriend. But then again most of our partners left us because of this addiction so I don’t know why I’m making this analogy.

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