Introducing Reddit Talk! r/Cryptocurrency Will Be Participating In Piloting Reddit’s New Live Audio Feature


Hello r/CryptoCurrency!

We will be participating in the pilot of Reddit Talk, Reddit’s new live audio feature that will allow us to host live talks and sessions right here in the sub!

Talk allows us to host interactive sessions with speakers, and the readers of the sub readers can also join in and interact with the speakers in real time and ask questions. For example, we can host a live audio AMA with your favourite coin’s team, and the users here can ask questions directly to the speakers and interact with them! Talk can handle upto 30 different speakers, and 100k listeners in the audience can tune in at the same time.

Reddit Talk: Live Audio Conversations

Initially, Reddit Talk will be available on the Reddit Mobile app (both iOS and Android will be supported) while a desktop version is also being developed and will be launched in the coming months. Apart from asking questions, the audience can also interact by upvoting or downvoting, which will show up as live interactions on the app. Reddit Talk will also feature sub specific customisations, for example the audience can react to the live speakers using emojis specific to the sub. We could have a rocket emoji or even a Moons emoji!

We have been testing the new features along with the Reddit team and are excited to roll this out to the wider Crypto community soon! As part of the initial roll out, various popular sub-reddits will be hosting their own Talk sessions and we are deciding on the speakers and the date/time slot. We hope to have more information on this soon!

You can learn more about Reddit Talk from the detailed user-guide that walks you though the features of Talk.

A big shout out to the team at Reddit lead by u/signal and also u/advocado20 for bringing us these awesome new features and also collaborating with us in the pilot!

Please also feel free to share your initial feedback, ideas and suggestions, as it would help Reddit in designing and bringing out the best version of the product!

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