introducing l2 counterfactual wallet and fiat on ramps


the first Ethereum wallet with zkRollup scaling baked in, has helped users from getting priced out of Ethereum. Yet, creating the Smart Contract Wallet on Layer 1 has been a gas-heavy and expensive endeavour; this initial creation cost has prevented many users from experiencing all of the benefits of L2.

FIAT on-ramps are here!

Loopring just got a whole lot easier with direct L2 FIAT on-ramps. Thanks to our FIAT provider Ramp, users no longer have to jump through hoops and waste gas hopping onto our L2. With just a couple of clicks you’re living in a blazing fast, super cheap, and powerful Ethereum gateway on Loopring L2.

Holiday trading Giveaway!

Our Holiday Trading Competition is coming and is the perfect way to test out the seamless on-ramp and new low-cost Counterfactual Wallet.

From December 23rd to December 30th we will run our biggest liquidity mining campaign yet. Get ready for an exciting one-week swap tournament which includes $600k in rewards.

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