Introducing a new way to research coins, Cryptopinions!


Hey guys, I have a new company called Cryptopinions and just wanted to see who would be interested before I sank a large sum of cash into making the website experience. The scripting and coding have already been done since I wanted to challenge myself to see how it could be done.

What we do is crawl the internet for articles on the top cryptocurrencies. We then take those articles and process them using AI to determine if the article is positive, negative, or neutral. We only source articles from well-respected/regulated sources. So places like CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, this sub (only well received and highly engaged posts), and many other places are sourced.

For example, let’s say that you are looking at the list of coins that we track and you choose Ethereum. We would provide current social sentiment data and price data for that coin. We would also provide historical social sentiment data alongside the historical price data.

Along with crawling the internet for the social sentiment on each coin, we will also provide a more general fear/greed index that compiles the social sentiment for the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

In order to keep our commitment to complete honesty and transparency, we would also provide links to the articles that were used in determining scores for the coins, and the score given to that individual article. We don’t want to completely replace your research, just make it a lot easier and centralized!

Our goal is to be completely hands-off when it comes to the processing of data so as to eliminate any potential for human bias. We also want to help keep higher market cap coins honest. So if you see a coin that you’re not sure about and it has a higher market cap, you could come to us to see how the interwebs feel about that coin and go through the articles yourself to make up your mind.

The individual coin sentiment data and article data would be locked behind a subscription since this stuff is surprisingly expensive to run and keep up to date. We will also use those funds to expand our search for articles since some websites (*cough* *cough* Twitter) charge an unholy amount of money to access their post data.

Yes, we could just make a bot to scrape Twitter, but it’s probably best to not build a business by doing things illegally?

As I said earlier, we are currently in the “trying to get traction” stage, to make sure we don’t spend thousands on a website, only for nobody to want it!

We do have a website up now to gauge traction, but I don’t think I’m allowed to link it?

Please let us know what you think!

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