Information About Moons Development and Mainnet- Community Perspective*



There is lack of updates from Admins/Reddit side regarding Moons mainnet and development.

Most of the important updates/findings that the community find is discussed on r/Cryptocurrency Telegram group.

Many Redditors lost hope because they don’t see any update or useful information about Moons mainnet.

What is Mainnet?

Mainnet = Ethereum Mainnet.

Why Moons are Not on Mainnet?

Short answer- Gas Fees.

Since the launch of Moons in 2020, Reddit started looking for scaling solution in order to launch on Ethereum mainnet.

First step was The Great Scaling Bake-Off where companies offered their scaling solution for Reddit to use.

The Winner of Reddit Bakeoff announced in July 2021 – OffChainLabs / Arbitrum.

Arbitrum’s Scaling Solution

Rollups Chains (Section 10) Moons are currently on Arbitrum’s Rollup chain (on Reddit Testnet not Arbitrum One) – Since July 2021.

Anytrust Side Chains (Final step, Section 11) This setup is for extreme scaling with ultra low gas fees. We believe that this is the final puzzle piece for Reddit in order to deploy on Mainnet

Arbitrum didn’t officially launch Anytrust yet but from their GitHub:

Reddit testing on Anytrust Devnet

Anytrust Mainnet(!)

Recently(Last month), Reddit registared Anytrust subdomain under the current domain:

When admins were asked about Mainnet and Anytrust they basically said they can’t answer and it’s the same question.

But When Mainnet!?

I think not before Arbitrum releasing Anytrust to the public.

My prediction is;

Upgrading the current testnet to Anytrust after Arbitrum officially releasing Anytrust.

Testing it for few months and then migrate Moons to Ethereum Mainnet.

Meanwhile we (as Community) are trying to keep Moons alive with Moons related products like (Still in Beta), if you have any idea for Moons please send me DM.

*Someone suggested me updating on Reddit as well because there is information gap between users on Telegram and here so I did.

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