Indian banks charge users just to view account statements. Because fetching records from a database costs so much!! What a scam by HDFC bank. This is why we need crypto.


Imagine trying to con people by telling them fetching database records is chargeable, and takes 4 days!

This is what HDFC bank is telling people.

We require 4 days to fetch database records! And btw.. you need to pay too.

Anyone who knows a thing or two about computers will realize this is just a scam, a fraud played on unsuspecting people. There is no universe where it costs money to query a centralised database. They aren’t sending someone to an office to fetch the records dammit, it’s all on a fucking computer.

Indian banks have atrocious charges that rip people off – from minimum balance charge, to cash withdrawal charge to check clearance charge.

But because these scam policies by archaic bank institutions is threatened by crypto’s emergence, the central bank that allows these scams to take place is lobbying to have crypto itself prohibited, so that these shady banks can continue conning users. This is the real pyramid scheme – sucking in new unsuspecting users and charging them for every single action while holding their funds hostage.

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