In retro-perspective its pretty obvious that Crypto made its top when literal pictures of rocks were selling for millions.


10 months of a bear market and for like half of that we were not even sure if it is an bear market. But now as we all know it everything just seems to obvious now, there have been like countless signs when BTC was topping in Q3 2021. People were flexing with Rolex and lambos bought with crypto gains. We were having daily shitcoins pumping 1000%.

And most bizarre of it, we even had literal JPEG of rocks that did mit even look good sell for $700k as an NFT, and even for $1.3M. And today people are being crazy over a Reddit Avatar selling for like $1k Imagine that, back then you could literally draw anything and possibly sell it for thousands. How could we not think that this was unsustainable?

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