In less than 200 blocks, the taproot upgrade will activate on the bitcoin network.


We’re currently sitting at block 709,436.

The activation block is set to be mined at 709,632.

At the current hash rate, we can expect to see the activation go live in just over 24 hours, sometime during this coming weekend.

Assuming everything goes off without a hitch, this network upgrade will increase network efficiency as well as security utilizing the ability to use a “master key” to sign for multiple transactions rather than one-per-one, which is why it’s harder to track.

Historically price action after upgrades is fairly significant, with huge percentage increases since the last segwit upgrade in 2017, which also created the spin off coin “bitcoin cash” for the group that refused.

Im very excited to see where this upgrade takes us, and I hope we get even more network growth and efficiency in the coming future!

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