In crypto one of most important things is ability to adapt to new circumstances.


Crypto change fast, very fast. People that are unable to change with it are left behind. One day everyone love some coin, few months later project fail, people lose lifesavings and majority of crypto investors act like smartasses telling they always knew. They didn’t, they at best adapted few months or weeks earlier to changes.

Some project can be great investment one day and become terrible, some project can be bad, but improve. Nothing is set in the stone. In crypto you must DYOR and often modify your portfolio.

You think that if you would start crypto journey for example in 2017 you would be rich now? Maybe, but if you would invest in top 20 top projects from 2017 you most likely would lose money. Majority of those projects are down a lot for many years, some of them don’t even exist anymore. Only few projects HODL from 2017 to 2022 would still be in profit. Blind loyalty lead to nothing. You need to make changes from time to time to adapt to changing crypto market.

In 2021 half of this sub advised to buy Luna, was it bad advice? Back then not, it was great one. If you were smart you made nice profits and sold before fall. If you blindly trusted some projects that were once great, you lost all invested money when they failed, cause you were unable to adapt.

Only coin I trust will most likely still be good investment in few years is BTC, I am ready to sell most of my alts if situation with them will change one day even if today I fully believe in them. But faith shouldn’t be blind. Dramas or red flags can change my opinion. If you ignore them it is on you. Please be rational not delusional, do not stay on sinking ship smiling and thinking it will be better one day. I literally saw projects where devs rugged multiple times not delivered anything and some people still trusted that price will go up and everything will be fine.

Your current portfolio and investing decisions are good now at 6 august 2022. They won’t be as good in 6 months or 5 years. You will change, world will change, economy will change, crypto market will change. You always need to be up to newest news in crypto if you want to be successful. Crypto journey is about constant improvement.

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