In case you didn’t know there’s a moons faucet where you can get free moons


Hey, a friendly reminder for everyone with a vault, that you can get some free moons from

Yes, you read that right, if you don’t know, a faucet is a place where a tiny amount of crypto is given for free or in exchange for some tasks.

All you need to do is post your vault address and you should receive a number of moons between 0,02 and 0,09 I believe.

Otherwise, you could donate to support the faucet, I don’t know who actually created the site and from where the moons are coming but a donation could always help.

Another useful website is where you can check your estimated karma count for the current snapshot and some other cool stuff, check it out and also consider donating to this service too

EDIT: u/naji102 you can use that faucet every day

EDIT2: u/sofovsiy creator of the faucet u/UnstoppableOnslaught

EDIT3: Blacklist is reserved for those who are trying to abuse the faucet (VPNs, Proxies or people who are smelly as stated from the creator itself

Thank you to everyone that integrated something, I gave you an upvote

Have a nice day and if you still don’t have a vault go open one now!

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