In an event of a crisis…


Imagine, your president/emperor/leader finally caved in and a sudden political chaos happened. Your local currency is getting worthless every minute. You as a part of a minority somehow got targeted because the mob needs to channel their anger. You’re a regular joe who don’t have access to foreign assets.

Anyway, you’re trying to get out of the country, and may not return. Where you’re going, you need money. The bank? Banks are closing and lines are miles long due to a bank run. Foreign currency supply is being blocked off by your government as a stop gap measure to keep the local currency from crapping itself even more. Gold? At a scale is pretty impractical to carry as a refugee.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin IMO the most practical to move in an event like this. You can just keep your wallet phrase and just get away, regardless of who you are and where you’re from. And the most important thing is how the currency is independent of any political group which makes any form of CBDC objectively worse (in an event where your president is the “bad guy” according to the WEF, you’ll still have a rough time.)

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