In a bear market you should not always look for the reversal but expect the downtrend to continue like that and plan accordingly.


As much as we all love bull markets, we all hate bear markets. That’s why in a bear market everyone just instantly starts looking for a reversal towards a bull market. This is just foolish. You should never try to swim against a fast tide but float with it. The reversal is unpredictable on every way especially the day.

In a bear market you should always go with the probability that it’s going to go further down for at least a few weeks and plan accordingly. So you should probably not blow all your Dip-buying money on day one and then have to scrap money from elsewhere to buy.

Especially the current macro-economic situation shows that we may go down for a while due to the FED, War, Covid and now even a massive food crisis. You can hope for the best but you should always prepare for the worst.

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